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Strategy & organisation

Solid facility management with a strategic and organisational basis.

Do you perceive your office and company building as pleasant, attractive, safe, and healthy? Is everything in the workplace organised to perfection? Meliopus has acquired years of expertise in taking your FM organisation to the next level and embedding a culture of continuous improvement. Our expertise ranges from (ISO) certification and project management, to performing an organisation scan and installing the required FM tools and techniques. Are you curious about our approach?

Meliopus thinks along with you and if necessary, takes your facility tasks off your hands:

FM organisation

Unburdening and supporting. These are the key words in facility management. Your business is analysed by our experts with a focus on your short- and long-term needs. Based on the results, organisational scenarios are developed, and support is provided for the implementation of the chosen scenario.

FM Organisation Scan

How mature is your organisation? And how mature do you want the organisation to be? Does the focus lie on profitability, sustainability, or quality? Using our FOMA tool, we determine the current and desired maturity of your organisation. We then translate the gap into a concrete action plan.

FM processes, tools, and reporting

Facility management involves many organisational challenges. Meliopus analyses your organisation and designs lean processes, adapted tools and clear reporting mechanisms. These are efficient and customer-oriented processes that enable continuous improvement.


Within the FM organisation, there may be many tools present, resulting in fragmented and duplicated data, high operating costs, etc. It is important to have a clear vision of your FM-IT landscape. To get from the current situation to the desired situation, Meliopus is your partner in the development: from strategy and vision to concrete migration and installation.

Project portfolio management

Do you have a lot of facility projects, tasks, and installation challenges on your plate? We take the burden off you and structure all your ideas, studies, and strategies. This way, we can easily determine which projects have priority, which resources are needed and what the ideal planning is. In doing so, we always consider the appropriate communication, reporting and budget.

Project management

Are there several real estate or facility management projects on the agenda? Meliopus manages your projects from specification, quotation, planning, organisation, and coordination of the work.

Cost management and benchmarking

A cost overview and benchmarking of services provided gives you a better understanding of the costs and benefits of your activities and contracts. We zoom in on your figures and make both quantitative and qualitative recommendations.

Customer & employee experience

A good first impression is crucial when you receive clients or job applicants in your office. From the car park to the reception, from the meeting rooms to the payment in the restaurant: we make sure that visitors feel at home in your office. Meliopus translates your corporate DNA into an experience for customer and employee experience that connects and inspires them.

Sourcing strategy

Do you keep your services in-house, or do you need to outsource them? Meliopus takes care of the design and implementation of your sourcing strategy. We analyse and define your sourcing model in quantitative and qualitative terms, translate the results into an effective action plan and implement it.

Sourcing studies

Would you like to be guided by a sourcing specialist during the procurement process for one or more facility-related products and services? We list your needs, ask for quotes, find the right partner, and carry out the purchase (negotiations).

Crisis management

A crisis such as a fire or a technical breakdown can have major consequences. Meliopus prepares you for unexpected scenarios with an adapted crisis plan. We advise you on resources, organisation, and roles, but also on the preparation of an intervention file. In addition, we can help you with crisis management within the first forty-eight hours after the incident. Think about your crisis communication, business continuity and recovery and prevention measures

BREEAM certification

BREEAM is a certification for the construction and management of a building based on sustainability criteria. We provide advice on how to achieve the desired BREEAM certification in the best possible way and supervise the entire BREEAM certification process.

WELL certification

WELL is a certification for the well-being of building users. We advise you and can carry out the certification of your company building. After an analysis, we draw up an opinion with recommendations and can take care of the certification.

ISO 41001

ISO 41001 is a uniform worldwide standard for facility management. It is a benchmark for developing and leading effective strategic, tactical, and operational facility management. The aim of this ISO standard is to improve the quality and productivity of a company’s facilities. We support you in the implementation of this standard.

ISO 55000

ISO 55000 is a global standard that regulates the requirements for the development, maintenance, and optimisation of an asset management system. The standard specifies which elements should be included in an asset management system and how they are linked. We support you in the implementation of this standard.

Delegated facility manager

Acting as your delegated facility manager? We can do that for you! We take care of the management of your property, projects, and facilities services through financial, administrative, and technical management. This can be done through a management assignment or a ‘single bill’ whereby Meliopus takes care of the contracts with the operational partners.

Interim FM-management

Is your facility manager temporarily absent due to illness or pregnancy? Do you urgently need extra (wo)manpower in your facility team? We provide an interim or operational manager for your property and facility management. This way, your business is optimally supported.

Delegated incident management

Do you need to resolve (minor) technical breakdowns quickly? The combination of the right telephone and digital tools and intelligent processes is essential for efficient handling of all reports. We set up your helpdesk and provide 24/7 assistance.

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