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Smart Technologies

Towards a technological future that works for your business.

Technology is evolving rapidly and offers huge possibilities. But not all applications are equally interesting for your company. Meliopus dissects the needs of your company and its personnel and matches the right smart technology to your needs. Blindly following digital trends is not our style. We have consciously chosen a pioneering role, so that your facilities services and buildings work for you and not the other way around. This starts with defining your vision and strategy and continues with the full deployment of your implementation plan.

Are you interested in smart technologies? We analyse, advise, and implement:

Vision and strategy

To determine which smart technologies can optimise your facility services and buildings, we always start with your needs. We look at how your company currently operates and what is important to your staff to develop a targeted vision and strategy.


After the scope and study, the next step is implementation. Smart technology must be functional and add value to your business. Implementation is a mix of processes, physical technology, data, user software and analysis and reporting tools. In the world of smart technology, we look for the right ‘product’ that meets all your requirements and ensures flawless implementation.

User technology

A building functions autonomously when it responds appropriately to its current and intended use. Making working environments ‘smart’ therefore requires an information and communication link with the users. The next step is to meet the users’ needs as much as possible through an intelligent facility management system. This also contributes to an optimised customer & employee experience.

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