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Hybrid working

Towards an appropriate environment between office and remote work.

Companies are moving towards flexible working in multiple locations. What are the benefits of hybrid working, the New Way of Working (NWOW) or activity-based working? Optimised mobility, a good work-life balance, well-being on the job and efficient cost management. It is not a question of choosing between teleworking and office work, but rather about working anywhere, anytime and any way, where trust and results are central. Changing your physical and digital work processes also requires a mind shift in your corporate culture. Meliopus guides your organisation through the implementation and transformation to a hybrid working model.

Your New Way of Working requires an approach tailored to your organisation.

Work concept

Hybrid working is unique for each company. It is therefore important to align the working model with your company’s vision, ambition, and culture. We define the long-term challenges and translate them into concrete objectives, critical success factors and a logical working concept. We do this by means of interviews and workshops with various stakeholders.

Occupancy and usage profile of workplaces

Do you want to adapt your working environment to the needs of your staff? Then it is important to know how often and in what way your workplaces and spaces are used. We observe the workplace closely and examine which areas are used, what actions your staff members take and to what extent they deviate from this. These analyses are your guide to a sustainable redesign.

Programme management

The evolution towards flexible forms of working goes hand in hand with many changes for different parts of your organisation, which requires a lot of knowledge and a solid support base. Through tailored governance, we coordinate your ongoing projects and tasks and ensure that everyone – from staff to external partners – is on the same page.

Programme of Requirements

Within the framework of a Programme of Requirements, we draw up a quantitative and qualitative list of the work areas and zones required in your building. We also consider functional requirements and space flows. The aim is to challenge and inspire your organisation to come up with a unique, supported, and validated programme for further development.


The way your office space is laid out is indicative of your business and what it stands for. Together we develop a look-and-feel that fits your corporate culture. In this way, the new office design not only reinforces your corporate identity, but also offers your staff a space for individual touch and inspiring team moments.

ICT and technology

Good air circulation, a pleasant temperature, a reliable security system and an optimally functioning ICT infrastructure. These are just some of the crucial elements that ensure pleasant and productive work in your company. To this end, we have the technical expertise and experience to ensure a high-performance working environment.

Project implementation

Are you looking for a full-service partner for your furnishing project? From organisation to budgeting and from coordination to implementation: Meliopus unburdens you with a 360° approach. We set up steering committees, draw up specifications, request quotes, take care of the entire organisation and follow-up of the project and remain your permanent contact.

Less paper & clean desk

An important step towards hybrid working is the reduction or even elimination of paper use, because paperless working equals smooth, flexible working. A clean desk policy is also a prerequisite for enabling shared use of workstations. Our proven approach ensures a smooth transition to flexible and digital working.

Change management

To enable your organisation to move towards a hybrid working model, we opt for a holistic approach in which we harmonise the physical, virtual, and mental working environment. As the needs of each member of your organisation are different, we work with a customised programme for executives, managers, and employees. The change trajectory is shaped by, among other things, workshops, training sessions and coaching sessions.


An office move has a major impact on your staff and operational activities. Coordination and preparation are essential. We take the burden off you by drawing up a moving plan, guiding you through the removal activities and taking care of the follow-up. In this way, you remain fully focused on the continuity of your core business.


The transition to hybrid working doesn’t end the day your staff moves to their new workstations. Think of digital or technical problems. Our team is ready to take the strain off you and solve any teething problems.

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