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Corporate real estate

We analyse and optimise your corporate property for the future!

Are your company premises easily accessible to all staff members? Is your property portfolio in line with your growth plans? As a company it is not always obvious to match your buildings technically and strategically with the needs of its users. Meliopus guides organisations in the analysis and optimisation of their corporate real estate. From real estate strategy to master plan and from transaction advice to contract negotiation.

Real estate strategy with expertise.

Real Estate Strategy

Do you need strategic advice for the purchase, sale, renovation, or construction of your corporate real estate? We start with a thorough analysis of your current portfolio and develop a real estate strategy that meets your current needs and requirements, but also considers your future plans. This is how we arrive at a sustainable action plan for your portfolio.

Master plan corporate site

How does your corporate site score in terms of sustainability, cost efficiency, accessibility, comfort, flexibility, and productivity? These are all questions that Meliopus is happy to answer for you. We take a close look at your corporate site and map its strengths and weaknesses. This is then translated into a long-term strategic business and master plan.

Stay or Move

Should you stay at your current business location, or is it better to move? That’s the question! Depending on your needs and requirements, we carry out a thorough analysis of your corporate real estate. We take a close look at mobility, but also at the financial, technical, and contractual aspects of your (future) premises.

Business location

Based on predefined criteria, we determine the optimal location for your company premises. We examine your organisational needs, the costs, the accessibility, the flexibility, … and if necessary, we support our proposals with a mobility study.

Programme of Requirements

Finding a new company building or redesigning it is not always easy. Think, for example, about the different business activities that take place under your roof and the space you need for them. In a Programme of Requirements, we map out all your needs in detail, provide a common vision and define the functional requirements of your (future) premises. This provides you with a solid basis for your further studies in the field of real estate or design.

eQuick analysis or comprehensive due diligence

Do you want to sell, redesign, or renovate your business premises? A quick scan or due diligence will provide you with more insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your building. We analyse the technical condition but also look at the architecture, location, accessibility, layout possibilities, etc.

Advice on transactions

Are you going to purchase, sell or rent company property? As facilities experts, we know the budgetary, legal, contractual, and content-related issues involved in real estate transactions. Ask us for advice.

Property management

Managing your company’s property in a sustainable and cost-efficient way requires a lot of attention, follow-up, and expertise. Meliopus is happy to support you in the day-to-day management of your company properties.

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