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Our Approach

Facilitating human energy.

Sustainable real estate, smart buildings, inspiring work environments, efficient technologies and people-centered facilities services. Introducing Meliopus, your full-service facility agency that makes the most of your corporate real estate and your people. We translate your corporate DNA into a dynamic and healthy working environment. Ready for the future!


Your partner to relieve you from all your challenges.

Success is a direct result of overcoming difficulties, and that also applies to your organisation. At Meliopus we believe that your staff is the key to the solution. As a ‘fellow traveller’, we help your members of staff to develop and take your business to the next level. In our approach, facilitation means more than just passively offering knowledge. It is about inspiring, advising, implementing and above all, strengthening the human energy in your organisation.


Your full-service partner for the well-being of your staff.

Your employees are the beating heart of your organisation. Our goal is to keep the human capital in your company healthy and happy. That is why we attach great importance to well-being in the workplace. As your partner, we ensure that your company’s buildings, processes and tools serve your personnel well. In this way, we create a venue where they enjoy working and can reach their full potential. And this applies equally to the members of our own Meliopus family. From a good work-life balance to an inspiring and enjoyable working environment, we choose human growth.


Your sustainable partner for a vital working environment.

Positive energy is the most important fuel for your organisation. At Meliopus we always start from this mindset to create and maintain a healthy and inspiring workplace. Because energy is more than just a spark that lights up. It is the burning ambition to contribute to a sustainable society and working environment. In this way, we optimise energy in all its facets: in your company’s real estate, in the workplace and in the minds of your staff.

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