Sustainable work environment

Everything is sustainability

The fact that sustainability is mainly about CO2 emissions is perhaps the biggest misconception. As far as we are concerned, sustainability is about everything. We therefore have a holistic view on sustainability that revolves around respect.

Respect for the people who work in buildings.
There are still too many buildings where we leave sick rather than healthy after a day’s work, using wrong materials, too little light or unhealthy air. Sometimes, with relatively small efforts, the work environment can be greatly improved. This not only makes employees healthier and happier; it also has a positive impact on their productivity.

Respect for the environment.
Are others bothered or do they benefit from your presence? Features in a building can reinforce each other. We strongly believe this can also be done for your organization. With multifunctional use of buildings and their surroundings, you create added value. Buildings can share certain features, such as parking garages, so that they are not empty in the evening.

That is often a complex puzzle. One that we very much like to work on. It is precisely by connecting various stakeholders (government, businesses, and citizens), that a sustainable solution for complex problems can be created. A solution that can also be financially beneficial for everyone.

Respect for the environment.
Of course, sustainability also involves the use of as few raw materials as possible. That does not always have to be more expensive. We like to invent smart solutions. Both new buildings and existing buildings can benefit from and progress with our innovative thinking power.

At Meliopus sustainability is interrelated with each assignment.
Sometimes explicit, often without you noticing it.
After all, a better world starts with us.

Sustainability objectives do not have to affect your budgets
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