Sounding Board & Training

Leverage your talent

The world is changing rapidly. The challenges for today’s facility manager are no longer purely technical. How do you deal with a transformation towards a customer-focused organization? What does it mean to – have to – increasingly call on external partners? How do you deal with the internal customer who is becoming more and more demanding?

Meliopus helps existing or new talent with their new challenges.
We guide you in your personal development and challenges with our substantive know-how. You remain in the lead while we stand on the side-lines, with more than twenty years of experience. A sparring partner on the right level, showing you other possibilities in an increasingly complex reality. One who will assist your talents in realizing big or new challenges.

Workshops, reflection and inspiration sessions, support and training.
We are also prepared for short interventions. Examples include workshops on strategic challenges such as change processes and quality improvement and sustainability projects in your organization. Or inspiration and reflection sessions about difficult challenges.

In addition, we provide content training courses for your employees to inspire and deepen the knowledge of the business. We gladly discuss with you the different themes which are important for your organisation.

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