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Hospitality & Facility Services

Your staff members and visitors as customers of your company building: Meliopus leaves you carefree.

A customer-oriented reception, a clean office, an intelligent recycling system, a company restaurant where your staff members can relax, a smooth flow of mail, parcel management and many other services. These are the visible and invisible foundations of your facilities services that contribute to a well-organised office, where it is pleasant, safe, and ergonomic to work. Meliopus analyses service levels, draws up specifications, negotiates interesting contracts, ensures legal compliance, and manages the facility management of your company.

Meliopus strives to take as much of the burden as possible off your company’s facility services.

Customer & employee experience

A pleasant and intuitive experience for customers and staff starts in and around your company building. From accessing the car park to the reception, from your meeting rooms to paying at the restaurant: we make sure that everyone feels at home in your building. Meliopus translates your corporate DNA into a customer and employee experience that connects and inspires them.

Cleaning audits, -sourcing and -management

Cleaning and hygiene in the workplace are different for every business and require a tailored approach. We identify your needs, define the requirements, and draw up a watertight cleaning contract. Have we found the right cleaning partner for your business? We can then monitor proper management through random cleaning audits.

Waste and resource management

Residual waste, glass, PMD, paper, cardboard, food waste, plastic, confidential documents, … A sustainable and well-thought-out recycling system not only brings more order and cleanliness to the workplace, but also offers your company many financial benefits. Meliopus supports your organisation in developing optimal waste and resource management.

Catering and vending machines

Your company restaurant is more than just a dining area. It is an inspiring meeting place for your staff members and customers, where the experience is key. And a proper vending service is also an essential part of your catering policy. Does it taste like more? We analyse the needs of your organisation and take care of the design and management of your company restaurant and vending machines in accordance with all legal requirements.

HACCP audits and management

The HACCP system monitors food safety within your organisation. As part of a HACCP audit, we draw up an action plan and take care of its implementation and follow-up.

Parcel distribution

Your company receives many parcels every day, but goods are also distributed internally. Think, for example, of all kinds of office and ICT supplies that must find their way to the right employees. To guarantee user-friendliness and continuity of service, it is worth automating these processes. Meliopus inventories your internal and external goods flow and builds a smooth distribution flow.

Asset management

As a company, it is not easy to keep an overview of your assets. To achieve cost-effective management, we start with asset management, based on a thorough analysis of your buildings, installations and objects that are part of your infrastructure or that are offered to your users. On this basis, we develop a tailor-made management system. This way, you know exactly which assets you have at your disposal, how you can use them optimally and when maintenance needs to be carried out.


An office move has a major impact on your staff and operational activities. Coordination and preparation are essential. We take the burden off you by drawing up a moving plan, guiding you through the removal activities and taking care of the follow-up. In this way, you remain fully focused on the continuity of your core business.

Delegated facility management

Are you looking for a full-service facility manager to handle the complete operation of your company’s property? We draw up your programme of requirements, define the specifications and handle the tender process. We don’t just get started, we also take care of the day-to-day management, on an administrative, technical, and financial level. In doing so, as an independent party, we always watch over the quality, ensuring continuous improvement and optimisation of costs.

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