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Efficient installation management is the key to a comfortable and healthy working environment.

Technical building management is an integral part of healthy, comfortable, sustainable, and profitable corporate real estate. To ensure the optimal operation and profitability of your facilities, we will be happy to help you develop an investment and management plan and to act as your partner in design and maintenance. Are you curious about the state of your technical installations and in possible improvements in terms of cost or sustainability? Meliopus analyses, advises, and manages.

Meliopus is happy to guide you through the technical side of facility management:

Technical due diligence/audits

How are your technical facilities assessed in terms of quality criteria such as cost, reliability, sustainability, comfort, and health? As part of a due diligence, we carry out a detailed condition assessment, examination, and audit. We then combine the results in a report with a long-term action and investment plan.

Sustainability audits

Do you want to make your facilities sustainable and energy efficient? A sustainability audit provides an overview of your energy consumption and environmental impact. In addition, we give you targeted recommendations for making your company’s buildings more environmentally friendly. For example, by monitoring energy flows.


NEN2767 is the standard for measuring the condition of buildings and technical installations. We carry out the condition measurement in an objective and uniform manner and translate it into an action and investment plan.

Investment plan

After a thorough analysis of your technical installations, we draw up an investment plan focused on sustainability and efficiency. In this way, we ensure proactive management of your technical installations. A sustainable investment in your company’s real estate.

Asset management

As a company, it is not easy to keep an overview of your assets. To achieve cost-effective management, our asset management starts with a thorough analysis of your buildings, installations and objects that are part of your infrastructure or that are offered to your users. This way, you know exactly which assets you have, how you use them optimally and when maintenance is due.

Technical drawings

Technical drawings not only help your maintenance partners to inspect and repair your installations, in many cases they are also required by law. Based on field analyses or your specifications, we draw up diagrams and create legally compliant drawings of your technical installations.

Delegated technical management

Do you want your technical installations to function optimally? We ensure that your day-to-day management is impeccable and that your technical installations are and remain operational.

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