New Way of Working for De Persgroep

Together with Aremis a ‘desirability and impact study’ on the New Way of Working was carried out and a project was defined for future housing (location, surface needs, change trajectory …).

Afterwards an implementation plan for the layout of the building was documented, keeping in mind the business needs, traffic flows, furnishing requirements (such as workplace types, numbers, etc.).

Project Portfolio Management Brussels Expo

In the context of upgrading and updating the site, a structured and global approach was necessary. Ambitions were translated into projects, prioritized, organized and a follow-up installed.

Reorganization FM application landscape for the City of Ghent

Digipolis, Ghent’s IT partner, and Ghent City Facility Management, a macro analysis was made of all software applications and end-user computing tools, used to manage facility services. Together with the ambitious reorganization project (incorporating FM City and FM OCMW), a long-term vision was determined.

Concept monitoring and integration management

The first phase of the reorganization of the IT landscape, including the objective of integrating FM services from Gent City and OCMW, was defined and launched. It was important to keep the focus within the larger framework and to achieve an effective Application landscape: usable and used by the FM services.

Project supervision refurbishment Brussels Expo

The realization of some major construction projects required the necessary project leaders and a results-driven approach. This involved architectural projects and design projects such as the refurbishment of premises, sanitary services, etc.

Housing study for a retail chain

An important Belgian retail chain has previously transferred its distribution centre to a new site. A study on a possible alternative accommodation was carried out together with Aremis for the administrative headquarters. First, the needs were redefined (including the implementation of the New Way of Working). The study revealed a significant savings potential, with a potentially important impact on collaboration and corporate culture.

Audit Facility quality @ City Lennik

The city of Lennik has the ardent desire to professionalize its facility management. For this purpose an audit of the AS IS situation was carried out followed by a project plan with objectives and concrete projects.

Housing study for the Wit-Gele Kruis East Flanders

How many local offices are necessary for a proper support of the operational activities? Identification of key elements for both quantity and quality. Development of a financial plan.

Definition of a trajectory with a long-term vision and strategy and the concrete translation to an action plan.

Risk analysis major data rooms

For regulatory reasons, a risk analysis of the major data rooms of a large bank In Belgium was necessary. An action plan was drawn up based on the identification of possible risk factors, an assessment of impact and probability and a further analysis of residual risks.