Quality of facility management

Ensure quality with all stakeholders

Facility Management is a considerable expense for every company and board. So, it is right to critically monitor our specialism. But how do you keep the quality high when the budgets are under pressure?

By listening carefully, there is a lot to win.
Some of us become happy at the sight of twenty different flavours of coffee in a coffee bar. Others think that it is nonsense, they always drink regular coffee. The host only knows how many different flavours he needs to purchase when he knows his customers well and interacts with them.

If you want to make your organisation happy, you must first know what is expected of you.
Only then can you steer on quality and will you be able to conclude the right contracts with suppliers. And right there are the current challenges.

Because you too should probably work with fewer people.
This means it becomes more important to involve your suppliers, by agreeing the right service levels with them.

Meliopus thinks strategically with you.
We analyse the current situation with you. We listen to your users to hear how satisfied they are and what they need. Together, we develop a vision for future use. We analyse what is advisable. What can be outsourced and what do you want or do you need to organize yourself? And are the right skills available for this?

Expect sharp analyses and critical questions from us on subjects that seem quite normal to you. With innovative thinking power, we can lift your facility organization to the next level. Facility management that makes the difference for your organization and its employees.

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