Location policy

Where and how to establish?

Meliopus would like to give you a refreshing look at the location of your organization. Staying where you are is simple, but does it still fit? We look at your organization, the people and your way of working. We challenge you to look to the future, to what your organization might look like.

The future undoubtedly will present you with special challenges. We help you now to think about what is needed in the next ten or twenty years. This allows you to make a well-considered choice of location, which helps you and your employees to work together optimally in the time ahead.

In the location study we include various aspects, such as:
– Your organisation objectives
– Optimal way of working
– Flexibility for the future
– Sustainable solutions
– Location of employees and customers
– Management of your properties
– Market developments in real estate

Especially if you lack overview, we are happy to share our expertise. Contact us for a good preparation for the future. After all, you will not do a location study every year.