Efficient management

Facility management is often a complex puzzle of multiple parties.

It is very important to align all different activities. That way all partners can collaborate effectively and everyone can benefit from the most beneficial solution.

This requires knowledge and attention
With a clear vision on the use of your services and buildings, we determine the right service levels. Whether it concerns technical management, cleaning, reception activities or other facility services. We will look at the ideal clustering of activities or buildings, keeping the market specifics in mind.

We translate this into a tuned program of requirements and/or specifications. You only want to pay for what you want to get done and not a penny more. But you also want to get the requested quality and nothing less.

We know the market specifics and what we can and should expect from suppliers.
We negotiate clear contracts for you that are aligned with each other. Those are the fundamentals for monitoring the quality of your property management. And for your budget management.

If you do not want to be responsible for your property and facility management yourself, Meliopus will do this for you.
We check whether the agreed service levels are met within the agreed financial framework. When the expectations of the end users change, we actively look for new solutions. End to end real estate and facility management.

Would you like our opinion about your current contracts?
Or do you want to talk about partial or full remote management?

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