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Audit. Advice. Action. Ambition.

Meliopus started in 2016 but don’t be mistaken. The founders, Johnny Trioen and Filip Mollaert, have many years of proven experience in facility management. Their field of expertise is broad and their technical know-how is solid. After a kickstart in the market, the pair surrounded itself with permanent staff and experienced partners who excel in audits, analyses, advice and project management in facility management and corporate real estate. Add to this a creative crew with an eye for strategy and implementation and you have a core team that is bursting with action and ambition to create a healthy and inspiring working environment for you.

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People. Planet. Prosperity. Profit.

A healthy individual in a healthy organisation is always our goal. To achieve this goal, we deliberately opt for a 360° approach. Well-being at work is an overall story in which bytes, bricks and behaviours are inextricably linked. As a full-service partner, we also watch over the developments within your organisation and beyond. This is how we create a sustainable working environment that benefits your business at all levels.

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Career. Colleagues. Community. Culture.

Meet and greet the Meliopus crew. A fantastic team with the right amount of guts and daring, quirky and edgy, analytical and atypical, creative and positive.

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