About us

New perspectives on complex tasks

Facility management is often only about money and techniques. But in the end, are we not doing it all for the user?

Therefore we take the human being as a starting point.
This is precisely why facility management can serve as a catalyst for organizational success. Because happy employees and happy customers ensure growth of the company results.

We find it very logical to work together with stakeholders, from employees to suppliers, to build a healthy organization. We eliminate tensions, find shared vision and look for the best solutions for the future.

We connect strategy with execution.
Because complex challenges can only be overcome with a clear vision of the future and a realistic view of the concrete implementation. Meliopus challenges at strategic level and at the same time knows the facility management market to perfection.

Therefore we know what we are talking about when a project comes to concrete realization. Deploying the right parties under the right conditions prevents you from having headaches in the future.

Is your organisation ready for 2030?
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Het team

Johnny Trioen

Owner and supercharger

I have more than twenty years of experience within facility management which I gladly share with you. This know-how and my vision on facility management, the human being behind it and the market, I put at the service of customers and colleagues. Therefore, you may expect pleasant workable advice. Sometimes obvious, but often surprisingly different.

Filip Mollaert


I am an energetic, structured spirit that combines guts and common sense in the right dose. It is my mission to help clients by offering them their facility services in an accessible manner. This mission, and the way Meliopus wants to shape it, is, amongst others, the result of twenty years of experience with project-, change- and facility management.