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Facilitating human energy

Sustainable real estate, smart buildings, inspiring work environments, efficient technologies and people-centered facilities services. We translate your corporate DNA into a dynamic and healthy working environment.

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Introducing Meliopus, your full-service facility agency that makes the most of your corporate real estate and your people. From corporate real estate to strategy and organisation, Meliopus is your catalyst for successful business operations.

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Our approach

We do it together!

Our team puts its shoulder to the wheel and accompanies you as a sparring partner, consultant or project manager in your real estate, construction, design and facility management challenges. We strive to find the perfect balance between profitability and people orientation.

Your partner to relieve you from all your challenges.

Success is a direct result of overcoming difficulties, and that also applies to your organisation. At Meliopus we believe that your staff is the key to the solution. As a ‘fellow traveller’, we help your members of staff to develop and take your business to the next level.

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Your full-service partner

Your employees are the beating heart of your organisation. Our goal is to keep the human capital in your company healthy and happy. That is why we attach great importance to well-being in the workplace. As your partner, we ensure that your company’s buildings, processes and tools serve your personnel well.

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Your sustainable partner

Positive energy is the most important fuel for your organisation. At Meliopus we always start from this mindset to create and maintain a healthy and inspiring workplace.

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Roundtable discussion Meliopus X ING

In this talk, Meliopus and ING sit down together to explain the new Facility Agent Service model.

What were ING’s needs and wishes that will be fulfilled with this model, how did this collaboration come about and what impact will it have on the Facility Management landscape?

You will find out in the full interview.

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Take advantage of our track record

Benefit from our years of experience and a proven track record of successful tailor-made realizations for our clients, from ambitious SMEs to large international companies.

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